What to Look for When Choosing Best Preschool and Childcare Center

Parents enroll their children to preschool when they are at a young age. Some do it because they tend to be working while others want the child to start developing and learn how to interact with others. There being so many children there it gives your child a chance to play and interact with them rather than staying alone at home. The fact that you want the best for your child there is need to look for the best preschool and childcare facility that you and the child will feel comfortable. You have a peace of mind while knowing your child is in safe hands plus in a favorable environment. Although there are many preschools available it’s good to take time and be guided by the following factors to make the right choice.

Licensing. A good preschool and childcare center must be licensed by state and local authorities. This license is acquired after it have met set requirements that are laid to govern the facility operations. However there are some preschools that do not renew such license when it expires. Therefore before making your decision be sure to check the license whether it’s up-to-date.

Trained teachers. It’s good to choose a preschool and childcare center where teachers have formal post-high school training. This is because such higher teacher education predicts higher quality care. The teachers should have higher training in child development, early childhood education or a related field that addresses developmental needs of preschool children. This helps them to offer quality training and care to the children.

Positive and caring teachers. Early childhood learning is built on trusting relationships. Children learn better and their development is more advanced when the teachers are positive and caring. They tend to be happy and in good spirits. They are also upbeat, helpful, smiling and pat a child on the back or hold their hands. They repeat the child’s words and comment on what the child say or try to say. Positive teachers are nurturing and they don’t engage in negative interaction such as scolding or yelling at the child.

Interactive and engaging teachers. You should also look at how teachers interact with the child during class. They should ask thought provoking questions and help kids think deeper. In addition they praise child’s positive actions and inspire them to learn. These teachers need be more engaging than merely lecturing. They sing songs, tell stories and read books to allow children to be active contributors to the classroom.

A lot of free playing time and social learning. Free playing is proven to be one of the best ways preschoolers learn. Playing as well as physical activities stimulate child’s brain growth and enhance early development. This promotes prosocial behavior and allow children to develop social competence. You should look for a preschool and childcare center that includes a lot of free playing time in it’s learning schedule. This will help your child be more interactive and foster his early growth and development.

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